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Welcome internet traveler.

Here I gather random stuff that I made.

Alone, or together with others.

You can also jump right off and check out
Bästa Kompisar. My workplace.
Telia – Folknätet
Local production manager

Client: New Land

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Type: TVC & Online

Together with my fantastic colleagues we helped New land to make this Telia Commercial down in Skåne. We had a blast!

Make Room
Director & Producer

Client: Heimstaden


This was a incredible fun shoot to do. 11 locations in three days. Shot with Alexa Mini on Leica Summon lenses by DoP Ulf Gärdin.

I created this concept together with colleague and Copywriter Gustav Thunander.


Communication concept: Make room


6x youtube bumpers

8x preroll youtube

Custom made music

The Great Outdoors
Solo made

Type: Unplanned run & gun

I just bought a new camera and simply had to test it. So, i brought it on a small hike, creating a specc commercial for something like naturkompaniet or fjällräven. I really wanted it to be slow. Here it is, neither here nor there.

Shot on Z-cam e2-m4 with canon 24-40 mm zoom lens

This is your world
Shooting Director. Editor.

Client: Etik Nor

Etik Nor needed to showcase their fall collection 2019 and later on create a lookbook for their new line 2020. With amazing Lina Vertus, Mirjam Myrtell and Glenn Strid (stills) I did this little spot.

Branding shot with Alexa Mini with Leica summon

Lookbook shot with Ursa Mini Pro with Zeiss Compact primes 2




Type: Fashion and clothes

1x Fall collection branding film

42 Lookbook films

50+ Stills

Smart Cities
Producing Director

Client: Axis Communications

For our evergreen and wonderful client Axis the Bästa Kompisar team created an awarenessfilm. Part information, part branding. Shot on Alexa Mini with Cook S4i lenses.


Type: Corporate

1x Awarenessfilm

6 Explainers

Project Manager. Editor.

Client: Padel Crew

Awesome Padel Crew are expanding their operation and asked Bästa Kompisar to shoot some material.  Shot on Alexa Mini with Cook S4i lenses.


Type: Mixed

1x Awareness film

1 Tutorial – How to play padel

1 Corporate film


Nice. Keep on scrolling or watch some random stills from 2020.

#CDONLive 2017 & 2018

Client: Cdon.com


In 2017 we came up with the concept to live-broadcast from CDON on Black Friday. The Project was a huge success and we did it again in 2018. For 15 min, every hour for 24 hours. A huge undertaking in the short time we had to prepare, but we had great fun!


Type: Live TV

3x Pre commercials

2 Live broadcasts a 24 hours to facebook, youtube, website

We feel you
Producing Director (Directing debut!)

Client: White Label Agency

Have you been in this situation? Well it does not turn you into that laid back, taking it all in human being you want to be, thats for sure.


Type: Online campaign commercial

3x Commercials


The inspiration
Peak Screening
Producing Director

Client: Sandvik

Agency: W

Sandvik know how important the screening process is for a efficiency. The concept Peak screening gives you full control and reliability.


Type: Online Corporate Campaign.